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At TPG, we want to help you maximize every cardholder benefit. Your credit card is more than just a purchasing tool. And depending on the exact card you have, you may have access to benefits including purchase protection, free shipping and even access to entertainment experiences.

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For Citi cardholders, one of those perks is the Citi Entertainment program. You get presale and preferred tickets, VIP experiences and sometimes even complimentary entry to select activities -- now including virtual events.

While almost all in-person experiences this year have been canceled, there are still ways Citi Entertainment can help you experience events from your couch. Let's check out what the Citi Entertainment program is all about -- both in the virtual space and the physical world (once the entertainment industry reopens again). Here are five things to keep in mind about the program:

It can get you inside access (even from home)

In a non-COVID-19 environment, Citi Entertainment (formerly called Citi Private Pass) can help cardholders gain early or preferred access to thousands of events worldwide. From concerts to movies to sporting events, there is a vast array of experiences to choose from.

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This is what Citi has to say about its Entertainment benefit:

"Citi customers get special access to purchase tickets to thousands of events annually, including presale tickets and VIP packages to the year's hottest concerts, sporting events, dining experiences plus complimentary movie screenings and more."

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While most in-person events have been canceled, there are a variety of virtual events that are still available from at-home wine tastings to concerts and more. This month alone, there are live cooking demonstrations, a series of fireside chats and online streaming of classic movies.

It's a perk on all Citi cards

If your card is issued by Citi, you're golden in terms of Citi Entertainment access. All Citi credit cards that display Visa, Mastercard, or the American Express logo, as well as Citibank debit cards that display the Mastercard logo, are eligible.

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There is one downside to keep in mind. The card used to access presale or the event itself must also be the card you use to purchase tickets or access most virtual events. While the Citi Premier® Card still currently earns 2x on entertainment purchases, that bonus category will eventually disappear depending on when you applied for the card. You won't be able use a higher-earning card such as the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards Credit Card (which earns 4% on entertainment) to maximize those purchases.

The information for the Capital One Savor Cash Rewards card has been collected independently by The Points Guy. The card details on this page have not been reviewed or provided by the card issuer.

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Citi offers cardholders the chance to opt into semi-regular emails that loop you into the latest event happenings. While yet another email subscription might not sound exciting, this is particularly helpful to stay up-to-date on free tickets or events with limited capacity. These event tickets are typically snatched up quickly, and access is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Watch out for ticket limits and event restrictions

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When physical events restart again, note that there are often strict ticket limits and event restrictions. In many cases, you'll be taken to a third-party website of the ticket seller and must adhere to their rules about how many tickets you can buy. Also, "presale" doesn't always mean you'll have first dibs to every seat -- only a limited number of tickets are reserved for Citi cardholders.

Other credit card companies have a similar benefit

Entertainment experiences that come with your credit card isn't unique to Citi credit cards. Many card networks and issuers actually offer some form of this benefit.

Mastercard, for instance, has its Priceless Cities program that offers cardholders exclusive access to events. In the virtual space, Mastercard has acoustic live concerts, video chats with celebrities and more. Amex and Chase both have a host of virtual and in-person experiences as well, as do many major hotel and airline brands.

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Bottom line

Citi Entertainment isn't a game-changer by any means, but it's a solid perk for any Citi cardholder. During the pandemic, you can check out Citi's selection of virtual entertainment and when in-person events can safely happen again, you'll be in-the-know about yet another cardholder benefit.

In the meantime, stay up-to-date on the latest credit card changes with our monthly card benefits guide.

Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.

Citi Entertainment: Everything you need to know - The Points Guy (2024)


How much is 1000 Citi points worth? ›

FAQs. How much are 1,000 ThankYou Citi points worth? The value of 1,000 Citi ThankYou points is about $10, but the exact value will vary depending on how you use them. There are always redemption options available where you can get $0.01 per point.

How do I redeem my Citibank reward points? ›

How it Works. After you make an eligible purchase, log into or the Citi Mobile® App, go to Rewards & Benefits, and click Pay With Points. Select an eligible purchase, accept the Terms and Conditions, and click Redeem. Your points will be redeemed for a statement credit within 2-3 business days.

Are Citi ThankYou points worth it? ›

On average, Citi ThankYou points are worth about 1 cent each when redeemed for cash back, gift cards or flights through the Citi ThankYou portal. You can get even higher values (around 1.8 cents per point, by our estimates) by transferring points to a Citi Travel℠ partner, if you have a qualifying Citi card.

How do you earn 4 miles for every $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases? ›

Earn 4 AAdvantage® miles for every $1 spent on eligible American Airlines purchases. After you spend $150,000 in purchases on your card in a calendar year, earn a total of 5 X AAdvantage® miles on eligible American Airlines purchases.

What is the Citibank 75000 bonus? ›

Citi Strata Premier Credit Card

For a limited time, earn 75,000 bonus points after spending $4,000 in the first 3 months of account opening, redeemable for $750 in gift cards or travel rewards on

How many Citi points do you need for a flight? ›

There's nothing to analyze here: When booking through the issuer's travel portal, called the Citi ThankYou Rewards Travel Center, ThankYou points are worth exactly 1 cent apiece. So if you book a $500 flight and "pay" with your points, it will cost 50,000 ThankYou points. This value doesn't have any wiggle room.

Can I convert Citi points to cash? ›

You can redeem for Cash Rewards by signing into your account on and selecting Cash from the rewards options or by calling the ThankYou Service Center. Depending on the type of Citi Account you have, you may also be able to redeem Cash Rewards through the Citi Mobile App or on

Can I use Citi reward points on Amazon? ›

Items eligible for Shop with Points at can be purchased using your ThankYou Points or other Citi rewards currency, your eligible Citi credit card linked to Shop with Points at, an gift card, an Amazon Payments Stored Value account or any combination of the above.

How long do Citi points last? ›

ThankYou® Points don't expire and there's no limit on the number of points you can earn with this card. Bonus ThankYou® Points are not available if you have received a new account bonus for a Citi Rewards+® account in the past 48 months.

Are Citi ThankYou points going away? ›

Important Notice: As of July 18, 2022 you are not able to enroll Citibank Checking Accounts in the Citi ThankYou Rewards Program; Citibank Checking Accounts enrolled before July 18, 2022 or Card Accounts associated with your Citi ThankYou Account can continue to earn and redeem points.

What's the best credit card you can get? ›

Best Credit Cards of 2024
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card: Best Entry-Level Travel Card.
  • Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card: Best Flexible Rewards Card.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve®: Best Credit Card for Travel Insurance.
  • The Platinum Card® from American Express: Best Credit Card for Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Benefits.
6 days ago

How to convert reward points to cash? ›

Login to Net Banking portal > Cards > Enquire > Redeem Reward Points > Select your card and Continue > Redeem Reward Points > Cash Redemption. Utilize your cashpoints to redeem as Insta vouchers through Net Banking Portal.

Is Citi rewards a good credit card? ›

The Citi Rewards+® Card could be a good option for someone who uses a credit card frequently, wants a card that doesn't have an annual fee, and prefers to pick a rewards redemption option based on their needs at any particular time — not whatever offers the best value in general.

Can I transfer Citi ThankYou points to my spouse? ›

Points Sharing is a ThankYou® Rewards feature that allows you to give your qualifying ThankYou points to another ThankYou Member by sharing points from your ThankYou Account to the recipient's ThankYou Account. Points Sharing provides a flexible way to use your points.

How to use Citi points for travel? ›

How to book travel in the Citi ThankYou Rewards travel portal
  1. Log into your Citi account.
  2. Search your travel dates and destinations.
  3. Choose to pay with cash, points or a combination of both.
  4. Book flights on the dates you want.
  5. Book non-chain hotels with points.
  6. Keep money in your pocket.
May 17, 2024

How many Citi points equal $1 dollar? ›

If you're redeeming Citi ThankYou Points for gift cards or Citi Travel Center bookings, you'll need around 100 Citi ThankYou Points for a dollar. Finally, when redeeming Citi ThankYou Points with travel partners for award travel, you may need anywhere from 10 to 50 points for a dollar.

How many miles for a free flight? ›

How many miles are needed for a free flight by airline?
AirlineCoach/EconomyBusiness class
Delta Air Lines8,000-36,50056,000-112,500
Southwest Airlines7,519-57,08812,194-60,175
United Airlines10,600-20,80025,000-75,500
4 more rows

How many miles do you need for a free flight on American? ›

Redeem for an American Airlines flight for as low as 7,500 miles each way plus taxes and fees.

Do American miles expire? ›

Yes, American Airlines AAdvantage® miles expire if you have no earning or redemption activity on your account in a 24-month period. Per the AAdvantage® FAQs page: “Just earn or redeem miles on American or with an AAdvantage® partner at least once every 24 months.

What is the Citibank bonus for 2024? ›

When you open a new checking account with Citibank before July 8, 2024, you may receive a bonus ranging from $300 to $2,500, depending on how much you deposit into the account. To earn the bonus, you'll need to fund the account within 30 days of opening it and maintain that balance for an additional 60 days.

How to get Citibank $2000 bonus? ›

You can enroll in the bonus if you apply for an account from the Citibank bonus page. If you open an account at a branch or by phone, you must also request the bank representative to enroll you in the bonus offer on the same day. Deposit funds that are new to the bank into the account within 20 days.

What is the average Citi VP bonus? ›

Pay TypeRangeMedian
Base Pay$152K - $198K$173K/yr
Bonus$17K - $32K$23K/yr

How much is $1000 points worth? ›

1,000 reward points are worth around $10 , on average, but the exact value depends on which rewards program is offering the points and how you redeem them. In some cases, your reward points could be worth a lot more or a lot less.

How much is 1,000 credit points? ›

Reward points serve as valuable bonuses for credit card users, and with Axis Bank Credit Cards, each reward point holds a value of 20 paise. This means that if you accumulate 1000 reward points monthly, you could potentially earn INR 2400 in a year.

How much is 1000 Membership Rewards points? ›

How Much American Express Points Are Worth
Number of American Express PointsAverage Value
2 more rows
Dec 20, 2022


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