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Kaitlan Collins anchors The Source with Kaitlan Collins weeknights at 9pm ET.

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Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images ​Trump team files letter saying they want to challenge hush money verdict based on Supreme Court immunity ruling Jul 2, 2024 DonaldTrump’s legal team filed a letter Monday seeking to challenge the former president’s conviction in his New York criminal hush money trial based on the US Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity, a source told CNN.
• Video 1:44 CNN See Biden’s transformation from debate to campaign rally 1:44 Jun 29, 2024 CNN’s Kaitlin Collins speaks with David Axelrod about the noticeable difference between President Joe Biden at the CNN debate and at a campaign rally the next day.
Kent Nishimura/Getty Images/File Steve Bannon’s New York criminal fraud trial will no longer be overseen by judge who presided over Trump’s hush money trial Jun 26, 2024 Steve Bannon’s upcoming criminal fraud trial in New York will no longer be overseen by the same judge who presided over former President Donald Trump’s hush money trial, and instead a new judge has been reassigned to take the case.
CNN Former Atlanta prosecutor says he expects Trump will be tried in Georgia even if he wins the White House Jun 13, 2024 Former special prosecutor Nathan Wade says he believes Donald Trump will “absolutely” be put on trial in Georgia in the 2020 election subversion case – even if he wins a second term and he’s in the White House at the time.
Michael M. Santiago/AFP/Getty Images Trump scheduled for Monday pre-sentencing interview after hush money conviction Jun 9, 2024 Former President Donald Trump is scheduled for a pre-sentencing interview with a probation officer Monday after his hush money trial conviction last month, according to a Trump campaign official and two sources familiar with the matter.
Kent Nishimura/Bloomberg/Getty Images Jeffrey Clark, indicted former Justice Department official, attended Trump’s trial Thursday May 17, 2024 Jeffrey Clark, the former Trump administration official who sought to use the Justice Department to aid Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, attended the former president’s trial in Manhattan on Thursday.
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images Trump attorney who became a crucial witness against him has departed legal team Apr 12, 2024 Evan Corcoran, an attorney for Donald Trump who became a critical witness in the classified documents case against the former president, no longer represents him, CNN has learned.
Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images British Foreign Secretary David Cameron meets with Trump ahead of DC visit Apr 9, 2024 British Foreign Secretary David Cameron met with Donald Trump at the former president’s Mar-a-Lago club on Monday night, two people familiar with the visit told CNN.
• Video 2:52 AP/Getty Images Retired judge says statute cited in Trump’s motion raises concerns about judge in hush money case 2:52 Apr 6, 2024 Retired US district court judge for the Southern District of New York Shira Scheindlin says there are parts of former President Donald Trump’s legal team’s motion asking Judge Juan Merchan to recuse himself from the New York hush money case that concern her.
Alex Wong/Getty Images/File Hope Hicks expected to testify in Trump’shush money trial Apr 2, 2024 Hope Hicks, once considered one of Donald Trump’s closest confidantes and most trusted aides, is expected to be called to testify at his criminal trialrelated to hush money paymentsscheduled to begin April 15, according to a source familiar with the case.
• Video 2:24 Alyssa Pointer/Reuters What we know about the company that backed Trump’s $175M bond 2:24 Apr 2, 2024 Forbes senior editor Dan Alexander joins CNN’s Kaitlan Collins to discuss former President Trump posting his $175M bond and Knight Specialty Insurance, a California-based company that backed the former president.
• Video 2:24 Alisyn Camerota CNN anchor reveals ‘punk rock’ childhood in new memoir 2:24 Mar 30, 2024 CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota explains why she believes her “punk rock” past helped prepare her to be a better journalist.
• Video 8:45 CNN/Getty Federal judge delivers rare response after Trump attacks the daughter of a judge 8:45 Mar 29, 2024 Former President Donald Trump criticized the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over Trump’s criminal trial relating to hush money payments, on social media. Federal judge Reggie Walton gave a rare interview to CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and explained why he’s concerned about these attacks.
• Video 1:11 CNN Buttigieg calls $60 million towards Baltimore port a ‘down payment’ 1:11 Mar 29, 2024 CNN’s Kaitlan Collins interviews Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about the $60 million in federal funding being provided to Maryland officials after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse.
• Video 3:29 Getty Images/CNN Haberman reveals what Trump’s aides are saying privately about hush money case 3:29 Mar 27, 2024 New York Times reporter and CNN political analyst Maggie Haberman joins CNN’s Kaitlan Collins to detail her takeaways from former President Donald Trump’s latest legal developments.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/File Panic mode sets in for Trump as he faces deadline for massive bond Mar 20, 2024 Former President Donald Trump is in panic mode as the deadline approaches to secure a half-billion-dollar bond to appeal his civil fraud case in New York, according to multiple sources familiar with his thinking.


Kaitlan Collins is the anchor of The Source with Kaitlan Collins weeknights at 9pm ET.

On The Source, Collins chases the facts, asks the tough questions, and connects with her sources so viewers can get the very latest in primetime. She secures exclusive interviews with political power players, including her recent attention-grabbing interviews with Former Attorney General William Barr, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, GOP presidential candidates and more. In May 2023, Collins also moderated CNN’s live Republican Presidential Town Hall with former President Donald Trump, which was his first town hall-style event of the 2024 presidential campaign.

Previously, Collins was the co-anchor and chief correspondent of CNN This Morning. Prior to the launch of the morning show in November 2022, she served as CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent based in Washington, D.C. Since joining the network in 2017, Collins has broken several stories in her coverage of both the Biden and Trump administrations, including major staff departures and consequential policy decisions. In those years, she covered President Biden and President Trump abroad, and pushed both on the world stage. Collins also reported extensively on the Senate special election in her home state of Alabama.

Since 2018, Collins has been included in Mediaite’s annual list of the Most Influential People in News Media. She was also named to Crain’s NewsPro’s 12 to Watch in TV News in 2019, as well as one of Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30: Media in the same year. In 2023, she was named on Variety’s New Power of New York list.

Collins joined CNN from The Daily Caller, where she served as the White House Correspondent covering the first few months of the Trump administration and the 2016 election.

Collins is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

CNN Profiles - Kaitlan Collins - Anchor | CNN (2024)


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