FAQs RESOURCES Faculty Quick Reference Card for Lecture ...Retrieving the Recording of your Skype for Business Lecture Capture 1. On the top menu of the Skype for Business app, select - [PDF Document] (2024)

FAQs RESOURCES Faculty Quick Reference Card for Lecture ...Retrieving the Recording of your Skype for Business Lecture Capture 1. On the top menu of the Skype for Business app, select - [PDF Document] (1)

Having trouble? Want to learn more?Contact OITconnect at [emailprotected]?


The University of Texas at San Antonio | Office of Information Technology | One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249 | Information: 210-458-4011

For more information on Lecture Capture, please visit:http://tinyurl.com/SkypeLectureCaptureThis website provides resources, tools, training, and help.

Quick Skype for Business Checklist:Determine what “Content“ layout you want Skype for Business to capture during your lecture process.

You have three options:

a. Capture your voice audio over shared computer content b. Capture your voice and webcam video over shared computer content c. Capture only a face video of yourself lecturing

You will need a USB external microphone or webcam with a built-in microphone to record your voice. Most newlaptops have a built-in webcam and microphone.

Note: To set up and test your audio & video devices, go to the Skype for Business main window, click Tools > Options > Audio Device or Video Device, and then choose the device you want. For more instructions anda video demonstration, visit: http://tinyurl.com/AudioDeviceSetUp.

Faculty Quick Reference Card for

Lecture Capture with Skype for Business



How do I install Skype on my computer? If you do not already have Office 2013 (which includes Skype for Business) on your UTSA imaged computer, contact OITConnect to request an install. Additionally, the UTSA community can now install Office 2013 on their personal computer from Office 365. Log in to UTSA Staff Webmail at myUTSA http://my.utsa.edu for access.

Is Skype for Business available for Mac? Skype will be available for Mac in the future. For now, Lync 2011 is the product currently available for Mac OS, but this product is unable to record.

Do I need additional equipment? Possibly, depending on your current computer setup. For the full audio and video experience you will need a microphone, webcam, and speakers. Access a list of recommended devices at http://tinyurl.com/SkypeInformation.

How do I invite people to join a meeting? Use Microsoft Outlook to create a New Skype Meeting and email your participants. This process will generate a hyperlink to an online space that your participants will use to connect to the meeting. Visit http://tinyurl.com/InviteSkype to learn more.

Can people outside UTSA participate? Yes, as long as they are invited through either an Outlook email using the New Skype Meeting option or are provided the hyperlink to access the online space.

How does a person without Skype connect? A participant trying to connect to a Skype meeting without the product installed on their computer will be directed to the Skype Web App. Learn more about this process at http://tinyurl.com/SkypeMeeting.

Should I host a test session before my meeting? Yes. The host and participants will benefit from connecting to the meeting before it begins. This allows time to test audio/video devices and troubleshoot connection issues.

How many participants can meet in a single Skype session? The maximum number of meeting participants is 250.

User Interface

Options & Settings Customize your profile, change your picture,test audio, preview video, and more by clicking the gear icon to access Options.

Menu Bar Click the arrow next to the Options gear icon. Select Show Menu Bar to add this shortcut item.

Interact with Contacts Hover over a contact’s image to display theQuick Skype Bar choices and more options.

Change AvailabilityClick the arrow next to Available andselect a choice from the dropdown list.Set LocationClick the text Set Your Location to display a text field and type your location.

Menu Bar

Status Update

Availability Menu

Location Menu


Add Contacts

Field Contacts

Ways to View Contacts

Quick Skype Bar

Device Menu

View Tabs

Skype for Business makes adding Lecture Course components to your course a breeze. By using Skype for Business for Lecture Capture, you can easily record your class session and make the recording available to students through services like the Helix Media Library, OneDrive for Business, and YouTube. Recording your lectures is great way to provide a resource for students who can’t make it to class, and allow students to go through the material at their own pace.

Skype for BusinessSkype for Business is a video collaboration app available to the UTSAcommunity that solves a variety of distance communication needsthrough its videoconferencing, recording, and sharing capabilities.Skype can be used on or off campus to host meetings and recordlectures or presentations. To learn more, visit the UTSA Skype forBusiness webpage: http://tinyurl.com/SkypeInformation. Here you will also be able to explore the comprehensive Skype for Business Tutorial.

Visit the YouTube video channel for Microsoft Office: Skype for Business How-to here: http://tinyurl.com/business-how-to.

Visit the official Skype for Business 2016 Training by Microsoft Office at: http://tinyurl.com/sfb2016-training.

Visit the OIT website at http://utsa.edu/oit for the most current information.

FAQs RESOURCES Faculty Quick Reference Card for Lecture ...Retrieving the Recording of your Skype for Business Lecture Capture 1. On the top menu of the Skype for Business app, select - [PDF Document] (2)

Starting Skype for Business Lecture Capture on a UTSA Classroom Computer1. Log on to the PC with your myUTSA ID and passphrase.

2. Go to the Search Windows Applications and type in Skype for Business (if app is not located on the taskbar).

3. Pin Skype for Business to your taskbar.

4. Sign in to Skype for Business with your UTSA email.

5. Respond Yes and Never Show Again to all pop-ups.

6. Go to the gear icon settings and select show menu bar.

7. Select Tools on menu > and then select audio device to ensure your mic is selected and is working.

8. Select Tools on menu > and then select video device to check if your video web camera is selected.

9. Select “Meet Now” on menu > and another Skype for Business window will appear titled “Conversation (1 Participant)” on the top left-hand corner.

10. Minimize the master Skype for Business app window as the lecture capture process will center around the functions in the “Conversation (1 Participant)” meeting window.

11. You can share and capture any of the following in a Skype for Business recording: desktop, program, PowerPoint, Whiteboard. It is recommended that you share the Desktop view.

12. From your “Conversation” meeting window, hover the cursor over the screen button and a pop-up window with selections will appear.

13. The pop-up window will default to the “Present” field stating no one is presenting Content.

a. Select Desktop.

• A text window will pop-up stating “You’re Presenting: Desktop”

• A yellow border around the entire desktop screen will appear to confirm desktop is being shared.

• A status bar at the top will appear with the option to Stop Presenting and the option to unpin this bar and enable auto hide.

Retrieving the Recording of your Skype for Business Lecture Capture1. On the top menu of the Skype for Business app, select Tools > Recording Manager.

2. The Microsoft Skype for Business Recording Manager app window will appear with a list of all your Skype for Business recording captured on this computer.

3. Select the Browse button and a Windows Explorer window will appear showing the location where the recordings are saved by default. The default can change by clicking the Publish button to initiate a new location where the next recordings will be saved.

4. From this location window you can copy, paste or move your MP4 lecture video to a network drive, cloud drive, or USB drive.

14. Next, if you want to share live video of yourself in conjunction with your shared desktop Content, hover the cursor over the video button and click Start my video.

Note: Use desktop sharing rather than program sharing whenever possible. Desktop sharing uses significantly fewer networking resources than program sharing.

Starting the Recording for Skype for Business Lecture Capture1. In the meeting window, click the More Options button, and then click Start Recording.

a. Use the controls at the bottom of the meeting window to pause or resume recording as needed.

b. Minimize this window to maximize what is being recorded for your Lecture Capture.

c. The status bar at the top will also show a red record dot indicating this status.

d. You are free to navigate around your desktop to Present the Content you want recorded for your lecture.

2. When you are ready to stop recording your lecture, hover to the minimized Skype for Business app at the bottom taskbar and select the active “Conversation (1 Participant)” window.

3. Click the Stop Recording button on the bottom row.

4. Now click the More Options button, and then click End Meeting.

Noteworthy Lecture Capture points:• Skype for Business Lecture Capture in the classroom can also be scheduled as a reoccurring Outlook Skype

Meeting invite. This link can be shared with students needing to attend class remotely. They will be able to view and/or interact with you during the Lecture Capture. See FAQs for additional information.

• The Meet Now Lecture Capture option can also be used in your office or home to create supplemental/additional lectures for students.

• The Windows Surface Pro tablets come installed with Skype for Business and can be used in the classroom/office/home.

• Microsoft will be introducing the Skype for Business Broadcast and Producer applications in the near future.

FAQs RESOURCES Faculty Quick Reference Card for Lecture ...Retrieving the Recording of your Skype for Business Lecture Capture 1. On the top menu of the Skype for Business app, select - [PDF Document] (2024)


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