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-V' 7 1 i jv -n 51 I 9 MONDAY OCTOBER 15 1928' DAILY KENNEBEC JOURNAL ft SF Nothing (But Tlie Ruth By Feg Murray CLIMAX OF MAINE HARNESS YEil ON WEDNESDAY AT LEWISTON PARACHUTE DROPS THRILL THOUSANDS OVER WEEK-END MADISON SWAMPS MEXICO ELEVEN AT ALUMNI GRIDIRON CONY FUNtlONS TO PERFECTION iTO GOP OViR OLD TOWN SATORDAYlN WILLIAMS FIELD New Prsfei fsated Bands 1 iios' joift I gertar has 24 In Garde nounc quero 'dam tonal Lewiston Oct 14 earsi horse racing that has beta or by tbs committee of the MAINE GRIDDERS IN SCORELESS TIE Fair Association for Wadneadar'n-17- at -the State Fair A perfected Cony "rtgcMne triumphed Saturday ovftt -a green eleven from Old TowitjHlgrh Jn a hectic- battle in- which Red and WILLIAMS IS TOO MUCH FOR BOWDOIN fround tu fair to be a day of racing has seldom-4f ever been state of Maine The 'free-for-all pm brian White second string played as great part as did the varsity-the final in gather the three outatudiag- ru pacers of ths track Millie year- over half W- 204 1 Ho! tdnf of th( main Holyo nounc old VI tempt sgatm "Jewlsl ISO score being 25 to I Coach Bin Macombe started off his second team badtflfvd with the whole-hearted cooperatin Immediately forced theCren jer-seyed lads back into thieshaduw of Brunswick Ms Oet 18 For ths first time In football history a Williams College team was seen In action In the Pine Tree State this afternoon The-Purple team clashing with Bowdoin on Whittier Field scored a 20 to 6 victory Both teams fumbled frequently and many penalties were imposed Neither team scored In the opening period although1 two Williams 1 Madison Oct Madison High school defeated the Mexico eleven on Alumni Field 1 Saturday by a score of 14 to 7' The local boyi devoted their attack to straight football though using several hidden ball plays There was -little passing Captain Frobottaand Weston played their usual fine game for Madison while Botkas starred for Mexico scoring the only tally The Mexico lads were somewhat heavier than their conquerors but did not seem to have ihe -plays and 'the speed 'v MADISON V-1 MEXICO Austin rs lo Anion Duhay rt It-Tucksr Williams Ig Goodwin Hall 'C' -Dubender Biles lg rg Burgess Shusta It rt Richards LaFratt Is re Austin Foskln qb qb Goodette Brown rh Hi Botkas Frabotta Ih re Welch Weston fb Bsrrctts Score: -rt Madison 7 14 5 7-54 Mexico 0 0- 7 0 4 Touchdowns Frabotta 4 Weston Botkas Goals froin touchdowns Weston 4 place' kicks' Substitutes for Sweet for Welch Smal for Austin Madison: for Ellas Beech for LaFratta Knox for Frabotta Coro for Weston' Referee Bernhardt Colby Umpire Tomp kins Heed linesman Wright Tims 2 ten" and 2-12 min quarters 1 first string backs wen Into action In an! effort to put the pigskin over The Indians kicked- butidesplte exceptional work by the entire Cony team the first with owned Dwight Edwards the handaosu Uu mare that Is new wall ksosi Mains has accomplished more is tw years' racing than most good harm sro able to do in tbelr lifetime lowers 'of last season's facing nevsr forget the battles that staged for 11 successive victories the Bay Btate and Orange ooaatr cult her score to data betas 11 tor lee out of 27 starts sad She hs never yet gone other then a erefit! able race In her hurt race at ton eatabllahlng new record both herself and the 'race track Ik placing the 204 1-4 of the might Single that was mads six the Old Town line uncrossed A Iplayers crossed the goal 11ns Lang pass Buidell to Coaklefcr netted the Cony boys S5 yards during the Matter pirt of the Initial Lftanza ago In the above mentioned rue ft the -great littk defeated by Saturday and Sunday wore busy days for tho Reo Flying Cloud and Maine State Airways planes at the Augusta Airport The former ship la able to appear here through the courtesy of the Reo sales agency In this city while the latter plane A cooperating with thia agency apd Pilot Treat during their atop here this visit being the sequel to a successful tour of the Maine fair Those two planes have a' crew of four Charles Treat Jack Dodge and Larry Luttrell pilots ahd Harold Brown parachute Jumper Little heed be said as to the ability of these men as dqfitng these last few days them- have slven ample exhibition of their prowess In their respective pursuits The youth of the last three named above ia a source of surprise to those who have watched them In action LattrslL 21 Dodge and Brown 20 handle themselves with the ease and accomplishment of veterans It Is merely the Indication of the drift of the present younger generation toward the air i The planes used In the maneuvers and for passenger carrying arc Wacos both adapted to stunt work and sufficiently' stable to stand ths utmost stress The feature of the engagement here is the parachute drop performed daily at hr Harold Brown a Chicago youth who' has received recognition everywhere he has Jumped for hla unusual daring Unlike most of the parachute Jumpers that have been seen -In thia vicinity he somersaults through the air for three or four hundred feet before opening the huge silken bag Saturday the high wind carried the daring Jumper some distance from the field to the edge Ganeston woods He narrowly missed crashing among the trees saving himself from that fate only through hla un usual skin- He telle ue that throuchout his career he has been Injured only once that when he landed In a tree tearing hla hand Due to the long waiting llnea of passengers the balloon busting set has been postponed from day to day but today It ia to be executed if possible though Indications seem to point to an unusually large crowd for a week day Pilot Jack Dodge tells us that Augusta Is one of the most alrmlmled towns he has visited throughout hl( career In the air Das to tha fact that ths demand for thslr services seems to bs on the Increase and also to 'the fact that the Augusta Airport boasts of an unusually flno field' It Is sxpected tbst these two planes will stay hers much longer than was originally planned maid received punt on the 40-yard line and in a brilliant dash down ths right side of the field crossed the line only to be celled back as his teem had been offside A few minutes later Putnam who scored from the 40-yard line after receiving a punt was recalled for ths same reason The period ended with ths ball In Williams' possession on ths two-yard line after a 85-yard run by Howe Lang maid scored with the opening the second period latter Pollock dropped on the ball after a fumble by Langmald Chapman was given the ball on ths 27-yard line and scored by a dash around right tackle Later In the period Bowdoin attempted a forward pase which Langmald Intercepted and 1 ran to the 12-yard line from which point he scored after three rushes Williams scored Its final touchdown In ths fourth period when OI The second period apehed with Cony on the offensive and the goal to make Coakley the trick with an end run The jwI was not kicked Cony kicked qff and after the Old -Town boys baul 'msde one futile try to break- Red and White line the Green Jlids kicked The Cony -four horsenKh smashed away for consistent! gain Old Town relying on klcks'tp keep their goal line dear Cogltlegf went over for ths second tally-' The goal was not kicked but was allowed as Old Town was offside touch down came with a 21 through center by Bu tempt at goal failed score a flock of Red gi Invaded the gridiron der of the first half fuL The second half opei Old Town lads dlspla: ifiUMb yard run The at After this Vhlte subs remain -uhevent with the nty of SK0WHE6AN AND WATERVILLE TIE 0-0 Ths most popular choice for President right now is not Herb Hoover or Al Smith sr Will 1 Rogers but George Herman Ruth alias Babe who whan on is' speaking of caused ths Elias brothsravAI and Walter to work over time during tho series to keep track of tho now records he was setting daily And ths Big Bern set them gaily Coo as well as daily for in spits of a lams knas and the strain of a world cries competition Babe Ruth bed more fun out of the last gams with St Louis than in any other gams hs ever played What a ball player that fallow ial What a man! What a hitter! Orono Oct University of Maine greatly weakened by the loss' of thslr quarterback Abbott outrushed and outplayed the Con neetlcut Aggies but lacked the scoring punch In a hard fought battle at Orono Saturday Maine made 14 first downs while the Aggies were held to Maine's line held Jika a stone wall and ths Aggies resorted to long passes early to the game but Maine rushed the ball through the Connecticut -team for long gains Neither were able to score excellent passing game used to so much advantage against Tala was completely broken up by the loss of Abbott who will be out until the start of the Stats Seriea Mike Coltart playing hla first game at quarter ran the team well and Bussell Moran' and Alrloldl a made substantial gains by rushing The Maine punting was very weak with Bussell and Gowell alternating No one Could throw the passes with any degree of accuracy and Maine completed only one out of nine attempts-Blockllnger will get the call to start the New- Hamp shire game next Saturday as hs can pass and punt welL Maine twice threatened tho Ag gle goal In the first period but lost ths ball on downs and -once when Flydal Intercepted a pass Main Maine started a drive for the Aggie goal In the second period after Alriold) had Intercepted a pass on 35 yard line Moran and Bussell alternated to making long gains around -the ends and off tackle to put the ball on the Aggie 25 yard line Here Maine attempted to pass but the Aggue star- Fisher intercepted and ended the Malno drive Maine tried to pase at the open lng of the third period after an unsuccessful short kick and an Ag gle punt -The Aggies Intercepted the pass but they could not' gain an inch and punted to the Maine 4 yard line Maine made! a 70 yard drive with Moran Alrloldl and Bussell making long gains thru the line This drlvs ended on the Aggie 26 yard line when they braced and held Maine for downs aathe period ended A 25 yard pass from Bussell to Palmer the only 1 Maine pass completed during 1 the game brought the ball to tho Aggio 40 yard line Another 'pass that was Incompleted but allowed because of Aggie Interference with the receiver was allowed and a series of short rushes put the ball on the Aggie 11 yard line Here Maine lost ths ball on downs and ended Maine's attempts to score After an exchange of punta the Aggies showed the beet offense of the game with only 4 minutes to play They Curried (he ball 60 yards -by hard 11ns plunging and long passes This drive was halted oir 20 yard line when Buzxell Inter cepted a 40 yard Aggie pass as ths final whistle blew Hows passed to Langmald for gain of 20 yards Wheeler followed by hitting ths line for 15 yards and then Howe went over for touchdown was Chestnut stallion Silver WestW 264 2-4 a race that will long bs a membered as furnishing some th thrills finishes belnr so does fist tbs' Judges alone could decide the winner Silver Weather -ewnsd Jos Berry has been In' the tbkk of the fray for four years hsrkg on two consecutive years was th 5100000 classic at Avon Conn sal in 1927 following with a win ef ths Sage Park pace for 010090 it 1Hn4-Conn This year he has bus racing against the beat and elnn either winning or being a eon tender One of thd outstanding races of-tk season was tho battle betweea a Champion Highland Scott lit tA and Silver Weather at' Middleton where they finished -mm apart In the sensational tins 203 1-4 which stamps Silver Weather as one of the really great mile track pacers of all tlma Hs-b entered In the race on the 17th Last but not least comes Jeeaetk Roys! 203 S-4 a sturdy young hg mere sired by Gtattan Royal sire ef the sensational Grattan Barg 159 owned by Allan Tilwinr This mare's first serious racing begea le the Bey estate circuit etakee ef list where she wee a- contender with end Rood horses ss Bert Abbee in Carolyn Logan 204 and ethora tha later on In the Orange County aa! Grand circuit In tho thick of theta tie with the best -stales pacers ef ft year being second to Louis Direct 1594 in ths IlftOOO pace st OeadMa and third In tha $25006 Kel masoo derby in field of 16 starters the pick of and Csntdi'i Before putting the lato lamented world series away in moth balls for the winter and turning our sola attention ta football 1st us glaneo at the aeeom-' plishmonts of this Atlas of Baseball whs back In 1918 just faced Grover Alexander ae a pinch-hitter in ths Boston-Philadel-phis world aeries and whs in 1916 and 191ft was one of tho southpaw pitchers in tho majors Turner Elected President of Maine Golf Association Portland Oct Harlan Turner of Portland Country dub for more fight and despite-fine iArk on the part of the Red and Wlte seconds the ball went bade tO th5Conyone- yard line At this point the entire first team trooped toiuk Into tho conflict Their effort 1ft keep the Red and White line dear was unsuccessful end Metuecakwent ever Cor the tally The goaf waa not kicked' Cony received And after a 20 yard gain on a pasftiHurd to Malcolm -Maher passedftq- Coakley Cor another tally No goal After this score eame the shorn exciting moments of the gnmOLffA pretty pass Coakley to Malcolm netted 25 L'yarda On a lateral paps' tbs re-f q-iver Juggled the baX-twhlch was isnatchsd from his bends by an Old Sown hoy who started for the Cony goal line with no hie way Thia year the whole St' Louie team scored 10 runs in ths four game series Babe Ruth scored one lass than that himself The Battering Barnot lOJiits for a total of 22 balsa while the Spiritless 8L Louisans' gat 27 for 37 bases iVn All in all ths Baba rewrote ths record book so far as World' Series performances go oottina 19 now rocordo in tho four contooto (if could call 'em-contests)! The big boy's batting average of 12S is al--most iwiboliovablot especially since tho Big Truck was suffering from a flat tire i i- V' Skowhegan Me Oct Coach Skowhegan High School grldders held Watervlllc to a scoreless tie here today Although outweighed fifteen pounds to a man 11ns outplayed Wster-vllle from the first whistle to the last the game being played in territory all but tho last four 'minutes of play At this period of the game Joler of Wat-erviUe broke away at midfield and brought the ball to Skowhegan four yard 11ns and here Skowhegan showed what a fighting team can do with their backs to thslr own goal posts They -held Watervllle four downs on their own four yard line -'-1 Skowhegan gained ths ball and kicked out of danger The game ended with Watervllle trying-many forward passes About SOU attended the gams and they were more than proud of the showing of the light Skowhegan team' -Stars for Skowhegan wore Bou-ford Atkinson Bernier end Halle For Watervllle stars were Joler and Alden Summary: SKOWHEGAN WATERVILLE Hodgdon Is re Flewelllng Appleby It rt Alden Bouford Ig rg Capt Holland Atkinson Thomas Moore Seamans rg Ig Austin Roderick rt It Houcks Bernier rt le Rsncourt Provencal qb qb Gaul Stubber Capt Halle lhb rhb Moore Tantlsh rhb lhb Joler Brown Roulllard fb fb Alden Referee Shannahan Umpire Grady Time 2 2 17a ths fastest scboolhoy viator in the state overhauled and him The fumWp dost the SV Sura Ruth can have my vets for President anytime ha wants it! WATERVILLE BOY STAR ATHLETE AT VIRGINIA UNIV FEG MURRAY SAYS beeL flis ie Yost It seems hurried up and resigned just In time' in's 7 to 17 victory" escape taking the credit for MlCblgan'i to over OhioWesleyan -Ne next develi bet we Leagi Foot!) At lecgui 'amenl aesoei were save hem News lng sn the le eipate 1 nounc j- circun preps: ae a where took leagui state Few i eligibl leagui i Natloi they i f- the-B the Cunnl r1 'eourti Mea clubs eight Esstei their than a decade one of the most active and valuable workers la ths latsrast of golf In tbs Stats of Maine was elected president of the Maiao Golf association at ths annual meeting at ths Portland Country club Bat urday noon replacing Charles Erswsll of Brunswick Golf dub whoes six months reign ns prsst dsnt ef the association was ths shortest la' tts-history 1 Mr Erswell was chosen to ths office of president at ths masting held this spring end It was at that time that ths association voted to hold Its yearly coaferenoe la the fall Saturday's session being tho Initial attempt on tho part of tho organisation to moot and discuss Its problems while the golf sa son was still hot off tho fairways of the past summer hence-ths ab brevlated term of office of of Maine Robert Ervin ef 'Wetervlllo Country dub wee re-elected vice president sad becomes ths senior of the three men to hold that office CoL Roy Marston of Lakewood Golf club end Welter Higgins of Penobscot Valley Country dub having been chosen to serve thdr first terms as vies presidents I 'TEUd and White 25 yarda JXurd to-stereeptad a pass to regain tbs' baK Old Town passed to gabg'tpn yards fvCony took the bell oo downa The IJbelanee of the game was compar-rntlvely dull with the 0)4 Town rfirldders losing their fights The Red and White (tori eom-plated seven peases '-fori' -approxi- snatsly 150 yards OSd Town completed one pass for tbnyards Tbs Cony lads madw -117 first downs as comparsdto 2ihads by fThe gams was sereral hos while Mahan explained the pules to the Qld Town segregation I Hhd It not been for tho very appar-' ent- greenness of the- Indians tho 1 score would have been closer During tbs interval between the halves two of the aviators nbw at ths Augusta airport appeared and Sport Tabloids were unable to break through for'a touchdown Booth' the quarterback realising that a touchdown was impossible kicked the goal 1 from the 11-yard line It was the first meeting between the two teams within recent years and -was the opening game for the Tale Ftosh Pat Osbourne' Tale coach announced after the game that a Yale Krosh-lCebron football game would become a permanent fixture on the Frosh schedule College Gridiron Results Saturday Bucks port' MeJ Oct Bucks' port 'Semlnaryt outplayed the Colby College Freshmen for the moat the game here today but lost when Burnett Colby quarter ran a punt for 40 yards eluded all tacklera and scored a touchdown Howard cored tho extra1 point giving Colby Freshmen a 7 to 0' victory TUFTS WINS OVER BATES GRIDDERS Watervllle Oct 14--Morton Thibodeau of this city son of Mr and Mrs John Thibodeau of Oakland street Is acquiring much fame as a football player at the Washington and Leo university to Virginia Ur Thibodeau Is a second year man at Washington and Lee And has long since received much favorable comment for hie unusual abilities in the various sports -A Virginia dally last week running picture of praised him highly Among other things the paper said is re garded as ons of tho most profit ctent ball carriers who aver attended the Virginia school 1 He played a whale of a game against North Carolina State last Saturday" That would be Oct 6 Thibodeau has also won an en viable reputation as a baseball player and also at basket balL In fact he Is an all round athlete who Is forginr ahead fast Hs Is a two hundred pounder and sport critics in that section marvel at his speed considering his Is very popular In this city with sport tana who will bs pleased to learn of ths fins records he Is making put on a program bf-stusitsor the benefit of those la the bltecm eneflt of those la the bleachers FORMER NAVY MAN IN NEW SWIM MARK HenoVer N-1 Oct had hard work squeezing out a victory over the fighting Allegheny team here this afternoon The green won 37-12 but the score Indicates nothing of the -trouble the Green had In coming nut on the long end of the tally DJdie the gter' Malden tackle furnished free-for-all trot brings to gether -five trotters that shbeld nlsh a great contest Luke Bell tiq the black gelding owned by Ned Fa of Portland Maine and drum fc the veteran Frank Fox needs se b-troduction to Maine race fang ul his victory at Topsham Fair whs hs- established a new track record 207 1-4 Is evidence of the tact the: he Is in top form Blue Joy -lift the roan gelding owned by PhO!) E- Abbott of Portland Maine Is ae-01 her Maine favorite ard ae he wee runner up In Luke record wds and the tact that h'o likes in track such as hs will have at Le-Iston will make him an Importut factor in the race here Guy Worthy 205 1-4 a bay gelding ewsed hr Berry of Hartford Coe a winner of seTsral races in ths Ber State end Orange County this ywr Chestnut Dillon 201 84- esrsed hr Woodmen of Haverhill Maes Bill gharen 204 1-4 chahiplos fetter of the Maritime Provinces via-ner of many Grand circuit reers while In the stable of Tho Murphy to whom he was sold for iliffi rounds out tha field in this else The Junior free-for-all race will he nur Tygrrm roc- with four pee-era that have all demonstrated tp ability to pace in 204 or better ft year Bob Seymour 205 1-4 evnri by Wm Bird Revere Mass 1 Pz Volt) 207 owned by Allan Wike Boston Maas Volo Rico US Owned by Jas-P Barry Hirtfui and Colonel Bldwell 2021-4 om the most' consistent peeera thitP raced in New England always mired for doing hts best under conditions owned by Pcump gast Atlantic' Mesa Silver Wenthea Jeannette Belli Quy Worthy Volo Rteft Pax Vole Colonel Bldwell will arrive at the fair grounds Sunday morning is special ex preen car from Bladen Springs Conn Bob Seymour La Bell Chestnut Dillon Blue Jay MU-He are already pn tha groasca BUI Bharen having arrived from 8ur sex BV on Thursday one of the sensations of the game th when he -scooped up an Allegheny Harvard football team using straight-forward methods defeated North Carolina 20 to 0 in tho oocond game of tho season In the stadium Saturday Tbo Southerners did not match Harvard In weight -and- power Moreover their lino played a stand-up alow-charging game -which waa made to order for tha ruahea of tho Harvard backs In the first period and to tho second' during which all tha coring waa done the Crimson ran and passed at: will with Arthur French Tom GllUgan Dave Guar' naccla and Wallace Harper to the main rolea i MAI EAS Los Angeles Oet The world's endurance swimming record long the property of women peddlers' today was broken by a man Jimmy Cherry former Navy swimmer who remained In an outdoor pool here 65 hours and two minutes fumble on Me own 20-yard line and legged It -80 yards for a touchdown with three Allegheny men chasing him all tha way CONY (25) C) OLD TOWN Malcolm Is Peikey Cooper Fabrlsl It it Rafis Wor'ka Davie Condon Ig rg Nabra Cunningham Murray McTsh DesJardlne Marrlnsrrgif'' Ig Buchanon flardlner Robinson rt lt CrsigiShumway Fierce Mendall re WMcIntosb Hurd Hickey qb "qh Servls Stockton Maher lhb rhh Metuscak Perkins Coakley rhb lhhA Murray £isV- Day Sterling Burdell fb' Willett Cony 0 12 oid Town erjN-g Touchdowns: co*kkleyi Burden A Murray Foint iffter touchdown Cony Old Toiva offside Referee Mahan Springfield umpire Overlook head linesman Me-CalL Periods 10 mlnutey Saco 2Ie Oct IS ploying a crise-croM game after sS air-attack had failed the Thornton -Academy football eleven snatchedA thrilling a st-period 'victory frofiiDeerlng high school 6 to 0 her q'-thla-afternoon (pv Lewiston Me Oct 13 Fred Ellis had a day against Bates and gavo Tufta a 1 13-0 vie tory on raln-aoaked Garcelon field today Brilliant off tackle stabe and sweeping end runs by Ellla were the big factors in both touch do wnaL Bates gave the unbeaten Jumbo eleven several scares and the game was far from being the Tufts rampage expected Bates made a brilliant bid for a score In 'the fourth period Bunny Bornsteln 110-pound quarterback replacement caught a punt on his own 15 and thrilled the crowd with the longest run of tha day Ha eluded three tacklera who got their hands on him and then 's scurried down the sideline 60 yards He was free and away with interference working well but did not have the leg atamina to stand the gaff and waa forced out of bounds on the Tufts 25-yard line" -a After getting hla breath the mid' get quarter threw a 20-yard for ward to Maher who waa downed In his tracks on the Tufts 5-yard tripe Three charges at the line yielded only four yards and then Tufta staved off the touchdown by knocking down a forward over the goal line Burlington' Vt Oct' Boston University's football team exhibiting a strong offense and a stronger defense wore down the stubborn resistance offered by the University of Vermont and defeated the Catamounts 25 too to the opening gsme of the home season for Vermont at Centennial field here today' It was the Initial victory for Boston University Jeam KAY JAY SPORT CHAT Lewiston Oct IS In ono of the most flagrabtly rough games played here In -years Edward' Little and Lewiston i battled through without either team making a score Barney Harkins and Bornsteln wars ejected from the game in ths last quarter for fighting As soon -as ths last whistle blew both players went at it again with ths mob joining in to make it a little riot Police broke up the scrap before anybody was seriously Injured '1 1 Portland Ms- Oct IS Portland High outclassed Bangor High and won here today 12-0 Bangor was unable to register a single Irst down Dave Diamond featured for on one occasion getting away for 55-yard run Maine 0 Conn Aggies 0 WJUlams 20 Bowdoin i Norwich IS Colby 9 Tufts II Bates 0 Yale 21 Georgia Harvard 2ft North Carolina ft Notre Dams 7 Navy ft -Army 44 Providence 0 Holy Cross 45 Bulgers 0 New Hampshire 12 Rhode Island 0 Dartmouth 37 Allegheny 12 Brown 12 Dayton 7 Cornell IS Hampden Sidney 6 Boston University 25 Vermont ft Princeton Viaginta ft Georgetown 52 Lebanon Valley ft Colgate 25 Virginia PolYlS Indiana 4 Michigan 0 Syracuse 58 Johns Hopkins Mass Agrles 7 Middlebury 0 Missouri SO Centra ft-Gettysburg 7 Lehigh 0 Lafayette 28 Gea Washington ft 84 Fofdhsm -7 Bucknsll 8 Pann State ft Haverford 28 Amherst 18 Rensselaer 13 Clarkson 2-Mt Union lS Caae 9 Wlttenburg 13 Ohio 13 Hamilton 12 Rochester IS Manhattan 14 St John 7 Drexel 28 Susquehanna ft Hobard 10 Union 0 Ohio Wesleyan 72 Cincinnati 0 Otterbeln 18 Kenyon 0 -Dickinson ft Mulhenburg of Detroit 46 of Louisville 0 Grinnell 8 Iowa' State ft Iowa 13 Chlcaro 0 Minnesota 18 Purdue of Akron 58 Hiram 0 Villa Nova 19 Catholic ft 19 St JUswrencs ft Penn 87 Swarthmora 0 Duquesne 18 Wssh-Jeif ft Virginia 9 Pittsburgh I Illinois 91 Cos ft Drake 86 Msrqustts 7 Carroll IS Lake-Forest 0 Catawba IS Elen IS Florida 27 Auburn 0 Carnegie 45 Thiel IS St Thomas 25 Albright 0 Ashland 42 Millington ft Lynchburg 8 Randolph Macon ft Furman 8 Presbyterian ft Washington 7 Kansas -Western Reserve 88 Baldwin Wallace 0 --Urslnus 27 Frank Marsh 0 Georgia Tech IS Tulane ft Nebraska 28 Montana State 8 Wisconsin 49 Cornell College 0 Kentucky ft Wash -Lee ft Southwestern 24 Georgetown College ft Union Kentucky Wesleyan' A Haskell 8 Loyola (Chicago) ft Butler 65 Franklin 0 Vanderbilt IS Texas 12 Tnlsa 27 Depaul (Chicago) 9 Evidently ths Old Town lads got sway with that baekfield 1 offaide play In the previous games they have played' If It not been for their very apparent lack of knowledge things would have been different It they played a plucky jgamc with lots of fight -r 1- New Haven Oct A Yale football team that had been advertised aa the only rival of the New Fork Yanks to number of a aches pains gnd assorted ailments waa brought out In wheel chalra thia afternoon and sent against the University of Georgia eleven and the- result may well be Imagined To the amazement of 25000 beholders seated In the Yale bowl the poor old crlpplea suddenly displayed magnificent health cast aside their crutches and'- beat the Georgians 21 to in a fashlon da-cialye and convincing The Ella cored a touchdown In each of the first ottaree periods and then the first stringers were sent back to their beds of pain while the substitutes wrestled with the visitors who Jammed a touchdown over In the last quarter so that it might not be Just another day wasted -New Marsti nlng 1 vldqal footEs er me wndtsi when mouth Tester i from era Ci Collog --pUy Marsti Strons Kump Lsnvk Chime Moore Mmtei Knt Brcltfi Keerei Karels Harpst 'U Ke 'Wilson Oarvt Louqki Staven -'Murph Kpllet Scott Wcstoi Reo Flying Cloud Coakley was going nobly Saturday and so were Burdell Maher and Hurd Fine interference paved the way for sensational runs Malcolm was right thers with ths olt assistance Not only that but he sura hauled down some passes that looked difficult to fact Impossible tO get NORWICH WINS OVER COLBY TEAM Maine Freshmen Trim Notre Dame Orono Oct The Mslnc Froth opened thdr schedule -SaturdW with a win over the strong Kot Dame A of Watervllle ofO Although Vlolette ths star tort of Notre -Dame did not arrive asm the second half the Watervllle tor put up a good fight In hs Hi Kenntbunk Oct IS John Coombs former Athletic pitcher and world series hero more recently baseball coach at Princeton Is to wcome member of ths athletlo de 9 ut Duka University North Carolina Mr Coombs was In Boston Friday and cams to an agreement with the university officials Including Vice President Wanamak-er to go to Durham next year and become baseball coach Early this morning Coombs and Dr Staar Barker left by auto for a five hunting trip at Telos- Lake to the north woods It will their eighth annua hunting trip In a week or 10 days they will be Joined by Herb Pennock of the Yankees and Hugh Meredith brother of Ted Meredith of track tame The second string went well particularly the backs Fabrlsl in the line tore to for sonic nice tackles half Jbut a whole fresh team Frosh stopped them Next week's game with Edward Little seems slated to be a real fight The Red Eddies -are always worthy Cloud ta Air Port' chute Jump -L --Monday- opponents The game was'elow and uotntw-eating as neither team could much ground A poor Notre punt paved the -way for the FT touchdown which was scorsd consistent line plunges from tne yard 11ns Soldier Field Chicago Oet One of the greatest gridiron spectacles American football has aver known furnished the background for Notre Damc'a comeback today and a 7 to 0 triumph over the battered forces -of the United States naval ahademy Before ft record chattering crowd unofficially estimated 4t 122000 surpassing any outpouring that this historic field or any other has aver handled for football the green-Jer-eyed warriors of Knots Rocknc seised a late in the third quarter and scored the only touchdown of the--game 'early- in the final period on a forward pass Dover-Foxcroft Oct Green GAR WIN Gardiner may be headed for fine year though indications dl not point that way at the start of the season At any rats tha Cony-Gar-dinar set-to this fall should bs a red hot battle Farmington Oct Farmington High football team won its first home game today defeating Leavitt institute ofTurnef by 20 to 0 Callahan was tha outstanding player for Farmington Watervllle Oct 13 The Colby varsity football team went down -to defeat today at the hands of Not wlch University by a 19 to 9 acore Norwich' presented a fast hard fighting team and their attack waa led by Kane one of the most brll-Maol backs seen oa Scav ernl recent yeura Colby flostnu at intervals during tha game long runs being turned In by Scott and Hayda but the eecret-of-tle Mulct defeat lay In the line The green men In the front line defense (ought bravely but were no match (br their more seasoned opponents Kane waa easily tbs outstanding performer of the game He turned ia several sensational runs but was carried from the field when hla ankle turned under him aa ha reversed the field running back a runt O'Donnell turned in good work getting Ipff One punt from behind his own goal' which traveled to the Golbyi 25 yard lino a total of 75 yards Chun a in scoring all three ot tnc touchdowns played smart football Scott and Haydc flashed lq the Colby backfitjd while Pollard! waa a tower of strength to the forward line Rente Hill Oct to steady rain that made the field Tennis around the city are still at it though working undsr handicaps Fur-linsd Jackets are quite the thing 1 At 300 From 2000 Foot Altitude Eleanor Sears Defeated in Walk ville high won its first game from Foxcroft academy her today 12 to One tally was mads by blocking and recovering a kick ftn the Foxcroft goal line and the other by a running attack and a break through the line SCHOOL GAMES Augusta1 and vicinity seems to be falling hard for aviation lVhy not organize a flying club? Rockland has got away to a good start This city has an -advantage that mod places ia the stats do not enjoy that is an exceptional field Pilot Chas Treat Parachute Jumper Harold Brown orted to Cru ha ss the Kora Caiiavs 20 Fardsg 2-ysrd Gardini 'Mora 'th tii aptireM throug) OV( I 1 1 Jris the Gaf Pears ee Hu'ulton Oct Houlton pointing championship fee ri for the 'Northern flattened Baltimore Oct Bill Ageq Baltimore soldier wno made th Olympic msrethun teem by hie victory In the Baltimore marathon rocs last March added to his laurels today by winning the 25-mllo walking -I----contest from Laurel to Baltimore Maine rua time four' hours and II minutes Brownvll broke the record' for the annuel event set last year by' Harry Adramovits of New York Norman McGee of Baltimore was second Mice Eleanor SearS Boston society biker finished In twenty-fourth place the first of ths women to finish the walk Her time was five hours and 22 minutes Tha next of the women to flnieh was Margaret Fowler" Baltimore -'Western blgt '21'to the home gotl threatened With in the second half held to one tally Junction never being numerous cube Houlton was TwosWaco Planes -Portlnnd 12 Bangor 0 Thornton I Dserlng 0 Pouth Portland 89 Panford 7 Westbrook-Blddeford postponed Edward Little Lewiston 0 Tala Frsshmen ft Hebron ft Livermore Falls 6 Konvay 6 Gardiner 20 Morse 0 Winslnw-Rockland postponed Farmington 90 Leavitt Inst 0 Cony 95 Old Town 6 Milllnockst 22 Ricker Classical 9 Berwick Acad ft Fryeburg Acad 'll Madison 24 Mexico 7 Doacter 19 Panrervllla 0 Greenville 13 Foxcroft Acad 0 Me Fmsh 8 Notre Dame a Colby Froeh 7 Bunksport Pern I Kepi a 111-27 postponed 1 Considerable dissatisfaction hts bean expressed by eltlsens who at eompsnled the Gardiner high schotl1 football squad to Bath en He turds with tho decision of the referee thd closing period Even with tie score- 20 to 0 in favor of Gordins against Morse high school he collet Bears back after an Intercepted pas In which he ran through all lnte: ference and In the minds of Gai diner tans honestly scored a tourt-down Not only was tha score n-1 -2SW Taken Up quagmire the Prep Bdhool Confer ence gsme between Kent's Hill and New Haven Octh A Maine Central Institute was post Jr Alb Booth in i tho third period ponsd until Monday at 2 gavs ths Yale Frosh a 2 to 0 victory Both teams were ready for trel over the Hebron prep teem on the tussle but after consultation be I Tale field thle afternoon Although tween officials and -put ever fficials and coaches it wa oth teams were within scoring die-until She first of the wk jinc tin saveial occasion they -j-'- octlSdltAhold ZSSSSL school gtrj who took Avo-hOurs snt allowed but Gardiner vu pennlisti gripping' I 1 i.

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