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  • Stormont chief apologises after... · Ex-IRA man who once tried to... · Maurice Hale

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  • Get the latest news headlines from Ireland. Expert comment and analysis on the ... Northern Ireland. Irish Crime. investigation | CAB seize car, €73k and ...

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5. Episode 537: The life and crimes of Gerard 'Hucker' Moyna

  • Duration: 40:57Posted: Apr 12, 2024

  • He was a rogue Republican who was thrown out of the IRA, had a brief dalliance with the INLA and someone who lurched around other dissident groupings as an enforcer and a feared hitman known for a love of violence but who couldn’t be managed or controlled.

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  • 134 RESULTS · Irish Crime. 'no hate' | Mum of girl injured on Parnell Square says riots 'had nothing to do with our daughter' · Irish Crime. SIN BIN | Suspected ...

  • Courts

7. Sunday World Archives - Press Gazette

  • Police in Northern Ireland are failing to share enough details about immediate threats to journalists from terrorists and criminals to… By Freddy Mayhew ...

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8. Threats of UDA revolt as Gary Fisher clings on to power after health scare

  • 2 days ago · ... Northern Ireland. The Sunday World understands he has been a frequent visitor to Liverpool where he has long established contacts with ...

  • UDA crime boss Gary Fisher is facing revolt as he moves to retake control of South East Antrim, a source has claimed.

9. Sunday World ·

  • Sunday World. Two more journalists in Northern Ireland warned of threats against them by loyalist paramilitaries. 29 Nov 2020 ; Freedom of the Press. Loyalist ...

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10. Vigil held for a man who died after falling from a bonfire in Northern ...

  • Posted: Jul 11, 2022

  • Vigil held for a man who died after falling from a bonfire in Northern Ireland

11. Sunday Life - Belfast Telegraph

  • Read the latest exclusive news, investigative journalism, opinion, celebrity and lifestyle news from Northern Ireland's Sunday Life Newspaper online.

Sunday World Northern Ireland (2024)


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