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Summertime Saga content benefits from easy‐to‐follow walkthroughs. The prologue is a quick and compulsory introduction to the gameplay on the first day; it features the backstory of the main character and the protagonists of the game. The primary narrative arc continues over the following weeks and comes in two parts. Most of the characters’ routes open the day after the prologue, but a few require preliminary completions.

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  • Please progress one route at a time unless it requires that you cross over with another one. Focusing on one girl until completion bypasses the blocking issues.
  • The stories are presented here in the recommended order.

The game gets new stories in stages according to the votes of the community; the next update is dedicated to the second part of the main story.

Main story


Main article: Prologue

Being left alone after his father’s suspicious death, the main character was welcomed at Debbie and Jenny’s home. But the first day back to school is here. Far from mourning his fate, our hero is ready for a life full of adventures.

Main story: Part 1

Main article: Main story: Part 1

Threatening shadows hover over home and claim for an outstanding debt. As the blows are falling, new allies join forces. But trust must be deserved and demands some in-kind contribution; much to Maria and Josephine’s convenience.

Main story: Part 2

Main article: Main story: Part 2

The orphan rejects the cautions as new findings bring his father’s past connections to light. The trail leads to the mayor’s mansion; soon the case takes a more personal turn with Iwanka and Melonia. In Rumps’ family, money can definitely not buy happiness.

Main story: Part 3

Main article: Main story: Part 3

With Mayor Rump behind bars, Summerville is a better place for it. But there is still the matter of the Russian mob to be dealt with. With the help of some unexpected allies, the fight is taken to those who threaten the peace.

Characters’ routes

Jenny’s route

Main article: Jenny’s route

If Jenny has always regarded the main character as a loser, she’s suddenly interested in his aptitude in front of the camera. A great motivation to further the relationship between the housemates. The question is how far will she go to entice subscribers?

Debbie’s route

Main article: Debbie’s route

Having a housekeeper always lightly dressed is bound to give the main character some naughty ideas! But Debbie doesn’t mind. Actually, with a touch of stimulation, she could well take the matter into her own hands.

Diane’s route

Main article: Diane’s route

Diane doesn’t do things halfway. So when she sets her mind on developing milk business, it’s on her faithful gardener that she’s looking at. Because there are not only vegetables that are long and hard.

Tammy and June’s route

Main article: Tammy and June’s route

Life is made of choices. Should the main character focus on the gorgeous neighbor? Share Tammy with his best friend Erik? Or should he invite his schoolmate June instead? You will discover it by exploring all the branches inside this route.

Ms. Bissette’s route

Main article: Ms. Bissette’s route

The main character doesn’t hesitate long before signing up for the French tutoring classes. After all, Ms. Bissette is someone who puts her body and soul into the education of students. Well, mostly her body.

Mia and Helen’s route

Main article: Mia and Helen’s route

It’s not all roses in Mia’s well‐ordered life; mother doesn’t let her breathe and father has given up hope. To make things worse, now a nun is sticking her nose into the family’s issue. The main character must decide which side he is, Mia’s or Sister Angelica’s.

Eve’s route

Main article: Eve’s route

Eve is the very definition of shyness. Yet underneath this hood is a jewel that is worth all the effort. The main character will have to assuage her sister Grace, and count on the complicity of her eccentric friend Odette.

Odette’s route

Main article: Odette’s route

Odette is being mischievous again. She invites the main character to join her on a trip to the graveyard during a full moon. What could go wrong?

Roxxy’s route

Main article: Roxxy’s route

The main character volunteers to help Roxxy notwithstanding the usual disdain she displays for him. Step by step, they will get to know each other beyond appearances. Another challenge is to convince the rest of the clique!

Ms. Dewitt’s route

Main article: Ms. Dewitt’s route

Ms. Dewitt’s annual talent show is starting off on the wrong foot! It must be said that the principal is doing everything in her power to have it canceled. So the classmates are called to get the music teacher out of trouble.

Ms. Okita’s route

Main article: Ms. Okita’s route

Ms. Okita has inventions, plenty of inventions, and the main character is the perfect guinea pig. As the experiments don’t go as planned, various side effects are aroused in both the student and the professor.

Ms. Ross’ route

Main article: Ms. Ross’ route

For Ms. Ross, artistic vision must not be restricted, especially by clothing. Her hedonism is not to the liking of Mrs. Smith. The main character is the last chance to change the principal’s mind, inspiration has yet to be found.

Consuela’s route

Main article: Consuela’s route

The maid may be used to the excesses of the Rump family, but the mayor’s provocation is the last straw for Consuela. The main character’s involvement only aggravates the situation. How could he make it up?

Daisy’s route

Main article: Daisy’s route

50% woman, 50% cow, but 100% sweetheart, Daisy pops up without warning in the main character’s life. He will undoubtedly be proficient in taking care of her.

Aqua’s route

Main article: Aqua’s route

Not all monsters are frightening, and some like Aqua are even very sexy… In order to catch her, the main character will have to engage in a scavenger hunt for Captain Terry. Procreation is a matter of merit!

Walkthrough - Summertime Saga Wiki (2024)


How to complete Summertime Saga fast? ›

If You're Stuck, Sleep

If you can't seem to get the story you're working on moving then try something else for a while and make sure to sleep. Sometimes things may require the passing of a full day or even the weekend to pass. Don't assume the game is broken before letting sufficient time pass to find out.

Who should I ask about the golden compass in Summertime Saga? ›

Begin this hunt by going to the Pier. Ask Captain Terry what his secret is. He'll show off his golden lure and agree to part with it... in exchange for the legendary golden compass.

How do you kiss in summertime saga? ›

Go to the kitchen and ask Debbie to teach you to kiss - You will need to have your charisma maxed out for this to work. If you pass the check she will teach you some kissing moves and you can come back and do this again whenever you please.

What is the fastest way to make money in summertime saga? ›

How quick you need to be in order to win the mini-game can be difficult, but once you get the hang of it the shooting mini-game is your best bet of earning money. Unlike other mini-games, the shooting mini-game does not move time forward, so you can replay it as many times as you need to earn extra cash.

How to make Captain Terry retire? ›

Head back to the pier and talk to Captain Terry about retiring. He wants to retire, but he can't stop until his nemesis, Tigger, is caught. Thankfully, you can now attempt to catch the devilfish with the golden lure.

How to get Mrs. Smith DNA? ›

Here's what they are and where you can find them. Mrs Smith's DNA - Go to Mrs Smith's office and talk to Annie. Talk to her again to distract her and then go inside and grab a tissue from her trash can. Vegetable Stock - Head to ConsumR at the mall and ask the clerk about Vegetable stock.

What age is the golden compass? ›

Plus there's some very sexual tension in the book series as I mentioned before which is why I think that you should do no younger than 14. Maybe 13 if your child is particularly interested and is on the upper average/advanced intelligence.

How do you max out intelligence in summertime saga? ›

How to Gain Intelligence. Play the Maze Runner video game on your computer in your room after repairing it to level up your intellect. Use the arrow keys to move and the A S D keys to attack.

How do you get past the shower in summertime saga? ›

Talk to Missy and Becca to try and gain access to the shower, but be forewarned that you need enough Charisma (5 points to be exact) to slip past them. Go to the park at night and play the rap battle mini-game to raise Charisma. After you manage to get the two arguing, head into the shower room and get cleaned up.

How do you complete homework in summertime saga? ›

Go home and use your computer to study (if you need to fix your computer first go to Consum-R and buy the parts before doing this) and you can complete your homework before returning the next day to French class.


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